1980s Wrestlers

The 80s were full of all kinds of great stuff and the wrestlers of that era were real characters!

Wrestlers from the 1980s

The 1980's were full of nostalgia for many kids who grew up in the era and just like chopper bikes, space hoppers, 80's pop music, white socks, rubick's cubes and bad hairstyles, wrestling was also extremely popular.

Many hours have been spent watching some of the wrestlers below in our list and they regularly featured on our television screens and within matches at local venues throughout the 1980s.

We'd welcome your e-mail if you'd like to tell us about a wrestler we don't have listed; please help us to make our listings the most helpful they can be!

Adrian Street

Bernie Wright

Billey Riley

Bobby Barnes

Brian Maxine

Chris Adams

Dave Adams

Dave Bond

Dynamite Kid

Fit Finlay

Gary Cooper

Iron Fist

Jim Breaks

Jimmy Saville

Johnny Kwango

Johnny Saint

Johnny Smith

Lord Patrick Roach

Mark Rocco

Mike Marino

Skull Murphy

Steve Grey


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