Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper


Real Name: Gary Cooper

Aliases: Catweazle

DOB: 1939 Please tell us

Died: 1992

Born: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England

Lived: London

Spouse: Married & divorced

Debut: 1960s

Stats: Height 6’4” Weight unknown Please tell us

Trainer: Armthorpe Wrestling Club

Signature Moves: Please tell us

Finishing Move: Know this? Please tell us

Feuds: Know this? Please tell us

Title History:

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Career History:

Cooper was known for running rings around his opponents and was a favourite among fans. Fans named him after a TV show character named ‘Catweazle’ whose name he adopted after it was called out to him when in the ring.

Joint Promotions gave him his first try out in the ring in Scotland and he became professional thereafter. Cooper passed away in 1993 after losing a battle with cancer.

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