2000s Wrestlers

The 00s brought out a whole new wrestling crowd!

Wrestlers from the 2000s

A whole new era was born when 2000 finally hit us. The new millennium didn't bring us the Y2K bug and kill off civilisation as we know it, but was seen in by a huge amount of fireworks and celebration. Welcome to "the noughties" in wrestling!

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Andy Simmons

Barri Griffiths

Blue Nikita

Bulk & Big Dave

Chris Gray

Darren Burridge

Doug Williams

Drew McIntyre

Erin Angel

Hade Vansen

Jemma Palmer

Jems Tighe


Jody Fleish

Jonny Storm

Katie Lea

Mark Sloan

Nigel McGuiness

Paul Birchill

Stu Sanders

Sweet Saraya

The Real McCoy

Tommy Taylor


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