Barri Griffiths

Barri Griffiths

Mason Ryan

Real Name: Barri Griffiths

Aliases: Mason Ryan, Goliath (UK Gladiators), Smackdown/Celtic Warrior (Europe)

DOB: Please tell us

Born: Tremadoc, North Wales, UK

Lived: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 2007

Stats: Height 6'6" Weight 285lbs

Trainer: FCW Training, Orig Williams

Signature Moves: Please tell us

Finishing Move: Please tell us

Feuds: Please tell us

Title History:

FCW Heavyweight title 2010 (defeating Alex Riley and Johnny Curtis

Career History:

Griffiths began life as a wrestler in the UK Gladiators as Celtic Warrior and Smackdown Warrior. He used the name Mason Ryan when competing in Florida Championship Wrestling in 2010 and defeated Chavu Guerrero in a Smackdown match. He defeated many opponents as part of the RAW in 2011 and is still wrestling today.

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