1990s Wrestlers

The 90s introduced lots of amazing and entertaining wrestling characters!

Wrestlers from the 1990s

The 1990's were a special time for British Wrestling and we've carefully collected some marvellous British Wrestlers to form our list for 1990.

The era that Viagra was launched (1998), Britpop was all the rage and Dana International performed and won in the Eurovision, Frank Sinatra died and the popular toy, the Furby was all over the place!

We'd welcome your e-mail if you'd like to tell us about a wrestler we don't have listed; please help us to make our listings the most helpful they can be!

Alpha Female

Axl Rotten

Chick Scott

Dave Taylor

Davey Boy Smith

John Foley

Johnny Eagles

Loch Ness

Robbie Brookside

Robbie Stewart

Sean Reagan

Wayne Bridges

William Regal

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