Davey Boy Smith

Davey Boy Smith

The British Bulldog

Real Name: Davey Boy Smith

Aliases: The British Bulldog

DOB: 27/11/1962

Died: 18/05/2002

Born: Golborne, Lancashire

Lived: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Spouse: Diana Hart (divorced)

Debut: 1978

Stats: Height 6'3" Weight 260 lbs

Trainer: Ted Betley, Stu Hart

Signature Moves: Running Clothesline, Kick to the Head, Hanging Vertical Suplex

Finishing Move: Running Powerslam

Feuds: The Rock, Diesel, Steven Regal, Vader (WCW), Dynamite kid

Title History:

Stampede International Tag Team titles and British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight title 1982-1984

WWF Hardcore titles, World Tag Team titles and European titles 1986-2000

Career History:

Ted Bentley began training Smith at the young age of 14 and he went on to be a professional wrestler in Britain at age 17. The Dynamite Kid (Tom Billington) was his cousin who introduced him to wrestling in the USA. The two engaged in a short feud before creating a tag team (called the British Bulldogs) which won many titles.

After facing legal troubles due to an assault Smith committed at a bar, his contract was terminated with the WCW but he returned to the WWF in 1994. Smith died of a heart attack following continuous anabolic steroid abuse.

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