The Legends Wrestlers

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The Legends

Be prepared to be dazzled and sit on the edge of your seats while you find out all about the Legends of British Wrestling. There's a lot here too of very worthy note indeed, so get comfy!

We'd welcome your e-mail if you'd like to tell us about a wrestler we don't have listed; please help us to make our listings the most helpful they can be!

Alan Dennison

Alan Garfield

Alex Shane

Alfred Hayes

Bert Assirati

Big Daddy

Billy Robinson

Burno Erlington

Count Bartelli

Geoff Portz

Giant Haystacks

Ian Champbell

Jackie Pallo

Jim Breaks

Jim Collins

Jim Hussey

Kendo Nagasaki

King Kong Kirk

Les Kellet

Les Thornton

Lord Littlebrook


Mick McManus

Pat Barrett

Ray Steele

Roy Bull Davis

Scott McGhee

Sid Cooper

Spencer Churchill

Steve Veidor

Tony Charles

Tony Sinclair

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