Mick McManus

Mick McManus

The Man You Love to Hate

Real Name: Please tell us

Aliases: Rugged South London Tough Guy, The Man You Love to Hate

DOB: Please tell us

Born: New Cross, London

Died: Please tell us

Lived: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: Please tell us

Stats: Height 5'6" Weight 175lbs

Trainer: John Ruskin Amateur Wrestling Club

Signature Moves: Short Range Forearm Jab

Finishing Move: Please tell us

Feuds: Jackie Pallo, Les Kellett, Steven Wright, The Royal Brothers

Title History:

Twice winner of British Middleweight title

Southern Area Welterweight title

Career History:

In over twenty years of wrestling on television, McManus only lost once to Peter Preston. He was one of the most famous wrestlers of all time and only lost his title in his 50s to the much younger Mal Sanders. He was also included in the Legends of Wrestling 2 computer game in Europe. He was over 80 years old as of 2004.

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