Giant Haystacks

Giant Haystacks

Martin Ruane

Real Name: Martin Ruane

Aliases: Loch Ness (Stampede), Loch Ness Monster (WCW)

DOB: 1946

Born: Camberwell Green, London

Died: 29/11/1998

Lived: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 1967

Stats: Height 6'11" Weight 685lbs

Trainer: Please tell us

Signature Moves: Body Splash

Finishing Move: Elbow Drop Pin

Feuds: Hulk Hogan, The Giant, Big Daddy

Title History:

Joint Promotions British Heavyweight title 1978

Stampeded International Tag Team titles 1980

BWF European Heavyweight title 1990

Career History:

Ruane's family originated from Ireland but moved to Manchester. His friend suggested he become a wrestler although his parents wanted him to become a musician. Managed by J.R. Foley, he wrestled in Stampede before wrestling in WCW.

He travelled all over the world including to the USA, Canada, India and Zimbabwe. He was also friends with Sir Paul McCartney who requested his appearance in the 1984 movie 'Give My Regards to Broad Street'.

He had a notable feud with Hulk Hogan and defeated Scotty Riggs and Alex Wright. He was diagnosed with cancer forcing him to retire. After a two year battle, Ruane passed away in 1998 aged 52.

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