Ray Steele

Ray Steele

Teddy Steele

Real Name: Please tell us

Aliases: Teddy Steele, Ray Steele

DOB: Wakefied, West Yorkshire, England

Born: Please tell us

Died: Please tell us

Lived: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 1970

Stats: Height 6'2"

Trainer: Please tell us

Signature Moves: Please tell us

Finishing Move: Please tell us

Feuds: Please tell us

Title History:

British Heavyweight title (joint version) 1985-1986

Career History:

Steele made his debut in the ring in 1970 against Leon Arras. He was a worker in the United Kingdom and his name was also used by the American wrestler Peter Sauer.

Steele won the British Heavyweight title in 1985 and kept this for a year before losing the title to Pat Roach.

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