Kendo Nagasaki

Kendo Nagasaki

Peter Thornley

Real Name: Peter Thornley

Aliases: Kendo Nagasaki

DOB: Please tell us

Born: Stoke on Trent, England, UK

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Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 1964

Stats: Height 6'2" Weight 210-224 lbs

Trainer: Please tell us

Signature Moves:

Finishing Move: Kamakazie Crash

Feuds: Please tell us

Title History: Please tell us

All Star Promotions World Heavyweight title against Wayne Bridges 1987

Joint Promotions British Heavyweight title against Tony St. Clair 1988

Career History:

Nagasaki was predominant on the UK wrestling scene and took part in his first professional match in 1964 against Jim Hussey. He defeated Count Bartelli and unmasked him in 1966 at the Victoria Hall, Hanley. In 1977, Big Daddy unmasked Nagasaki and his first appearance as an unmasked wrestler was in 1978 against Bronco Wells.

In 1978, he was forced to retire upon doctor's orders and became involved in rock management. Nagasaki returned to wrestling in 1986 and took part in a match against Clive Myers. He retired once more but took part in a charity tag team match in 2001 with Vic Powers against James Mason and Darren Walsh. He is still wrestling today.

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