Geoff Portz

Geoff Portz

Real Name: Geoff Portz

Aliases: Geoff Portz

DOB: Please tell us

Born: Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Died: Please tell us

Lived: Please tell us

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Debut: Please tell us

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Trainer: Please tell us

Signature Moves: Please tell us

Finishing Move: Please tell us

Feuds: Please tell us

Title History:

British Empire Commonwealth Heavyweight title 1959

Joint Promotions British Heavyweight title 1964

British Mid-Heavyweight title 1966

Stampeded North American Heavyweight and Tag Team titles 1972 (x5)

Career History:

Portz was predominantly a wrestler in Britain before travelling all over the world including to the USA. He had a son who wrestled as Scott McGhee in the 1980s. his real name was Garfield (Gary) Portz.

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