Johnny Eagles

Johnny Eagles

Roy N. Boyd

Real Name: Roy N. Boyd

Aliases: Johnny Marlin (Memphis), The Man of 1000 Holds, The Houdini of Wrestling

DOB: 19/07/1934

Died: 12/05/1999

Born: Manchester, England

Lived: Seattle, Washington, retired in Portland, Oregon

Spouse: Barbara Marsden

Debut: Please tell us

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Trainer: Please tell us

Signature Moves: Scientific Mat Wrestling Holds

Finishing Move: Flying Dropkick

Feuds: The Medics, Bad Boy Hines, Rip Tyler, Ken Lucas, Eddie Sullivan, Lee Fields

Title History: Please tell us

Career History:

Eagles was big on the Memphis wrestling scene where he was known as Johnny Marlin and was the 'cousin' of Eddie Marlin, a local legend. He got his nickname 'Houdini' in Portland where he found the most success. He passed away in Portland in 1999.

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