Erin Angel

Erin Angel

Erin Marshall

Real Name: Erin Marshall

Aliases: Erin Angel

DOB: 16/03/1987

Born: Southampton, England

Lived: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 2003

Stats: Height 4'11" Weight 127lbs

Trainer: 'Filthy' Phil Powers

Signature Moves: Various!

Finishing Move: Reverse Cross body or Drop Kick off the top rope

Feuds: Sweet Saraya, Portia Perez, Luna Vachon, Klondyke Kate

Title History:

2006 winner of the RQW Women's title defeating Sweet Saraya

Career History:

Erin Angel was first involved in the wrestling business as the manageress of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts in England. She then went on to wrestle the legendary Luna Vachon and later teamed up with her trainer Phil Powers in Varsity Pro Wrestling. She was the first RQW women's champion after defeating Sweet Saraya and also defeated Klondyke Kate and Chippendale Whiplash with Lisa Fury in 2006.

Match Video - None to show yet

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