Andy Simmons

Andy Simmons

Andy Boy Simmons

Real Name: Andy Simmons

Aliases: Andy Boy Simmons, Simmons the Butler

DOB: 21/05/1984

Born: Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Lived: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 2001

Stats: Height 5'9" Weight 206lbs

Trainer: FWA Academy (under Mark Sloan)

Signature Moves: Swinging Neckbreaker, Victory Roll (aka Simmons Roll), Delayed Supplex

Finishing Move: Running Powerslam, Butler Blockbuster

Feuds: Eamon O'Neil, Flatliner, Paul Birchill

Title History:

FWA British Tag team titles

Italian Tag Team titles

NCW European title

CWC All In title

Career History:

Simmons was an undefeated wrestler for the first 18 months of his time in the FWA Academy and fought the likes of Mark Sloan and James Tighe. He then lost to Justin Richards in 2002. His heroes were Robbie Brookside and Jody Fleish who he wrestled against in The Wrestling Alliance. He was entered into two tournaments: The Round Robin for the first FWA champ and the ICW Champion tournament. He is still a pro wrestler.

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