Nigel McGuiness

Nigel McGuiness

Steve Haworth

Real Name: Steve Haworth

Aliases: Desmond Wolfe

DOB: 23/01/1978

Born: London, England

Lives: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 1999

Stats: Height 6'1" Weight 220lbs

Trainer: Les Thatcher (HWA), Robbie Brookside

Signature Moves: Headstand on Top Turnbuckle, Steamboat Arm Drag, Thames Barrier

Finishing Move: Ace Cutter (Tower of London), Hammerlock Pedigree, The London Dungeon

Feuds:D'Angelo Dinero (TNA), Jimmy Rave, Samoa Joe, Tyler Black

Title History:

Heartland Wrestling Association Heavyweight, European and Tag Team titles

Ring of Honour Pure title 2005

King of Europe Cup against Doug Williams 2007

ROH World title 2007

Career History:

McGuiness wrestled for the IWA and the ROH at the beginning of his career in 2005 and he often teamed up with Doug Williams. He later began fighting in the NOAH defeating several opponents with Williams and alone. He also fought for the Heartland Wrestling Association retaining the Pure Wrestling title in 2006.

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