The Croatian Panther

Real Name: Vesna Busic

Aliases: The Croatian Panther

DOB: 26/06/1983

Born: Croatia

Lives: Berlin, Germany

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 1998

Stats: Height 5'10" Weight 143lbs

Trainer: 2 Cold Scorpio, Crazy Sexy Mike, Ahmed Chaer

Signature Moves: Mafia Kick, Swantobomb, German Suplex

Finishing Move: Reverse Piledriver (CB-4 Driver)

Feuds: Cheerleader Melissa, Blue Nikita

Title History:

NWA Germany Women's title 2000

ACW Tag Team titles with Crazy Sexy Mike 2001

2002's Best European Female Wrestler

EWA Austria Women's European title 2003

NSG Japan World Women's title 2006

GSW German Stampede Wrestling World Women's title 2007

ChickFight Tournament Winner defeating MsChif 2007

Career History:

Wesna first wrestled in Germany, defeating Sweet Sarya in 2003 and Jazzy Bi in 2006. She defeated Pandora in the first round of the ChickFight 8 Tournament in England and went on to win. Wesna retained the RQW Women's title in 2007. She took part in the taping of SHIMMER (Women's Athletes) competitions.

Match Video - None to show yet

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