Stu Sanders

Stu Sanders

Stuart Alexander Barratt

Real Name: Stuart Alexander Barratt

Aliases: Wade Barratt, Stu Bennett, Lawrence Knight

DOB: 10/08/1980

Born: Preston, England

Lives: Manchester, England

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: Please tell us

Stats: Height 6'7" Weight 257lbs

Trainer: Al Snow, Jon Richie

Signature Moves: European Uppercut, Powerbomb, The Big Boot

Finishing Move: The Spine Buster

Feuds: John Cena, Colt Cabana, The Big Show

Title History:

Dropkixx IWC Heavyweight Champion 2005

OVW Southern Tag Team titles 2008

Florida Tag Team titles 2008

WWE Intercontinental title 2011

Career History:

WWE signed Sanders to a developmental contract in 2007. He went on to team up with Drew McIntyre in a tag team named The Empire and fought against The Major Brothers three times, being defeated each time. He became a commentator for a short time under the name of Lawrence Knight but returned to wrestling, pairing with Chris Jericho. He currently is still wrestling.

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