Jonny Storm

Jonny Storm

Jonathan Whitcombe

Real Name: Jonathan Whitcombe

Aliases: Wonderkid Jonny Storm

DOB: 18/04/1977

Born: Essex, England

Lives: Please tell us

Spouse: Please tell us

Debut: 1996

Stats: Height 5'8" Weight 172lbs

Trainer: Dino Scarlo

Signature Moves: Thunderstorm, The Wonderkick, Half Phoenix, Flying Corkscrew Somersault Senton

Finishing Move: The Wonderwhirl, The Rewind Huracanrana

Feuds: James Tighe, Mark Belton, Jody Fliesch, Jerry Lynn

Title History:

Twice winner of the FWA All England title

GWF Heavyweight title

TWA British Welterweight title

XPW/FWA European title

All Star People's Champion title against Doug Williams

1-Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles 2006

Career History:

Storm competed in the FWA at the beginning of his career, first defeating The Misfit and then reaching the finals of a number one contender's tournament. He had to back out due to an injury. He later wrestled in the US for a time and took part in the FWA. He returned to wrestle in the UK in 2007.

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