Dave Bond

Dave Bond

Real Name: Unknown Please tell us

Aliases: Butcher Bond, Dave Bond, Soul Man, Dave ‘The Lion’ Bond

DOB: 1954

Died: 04/01/2012

Debut: 1970s

Trainer: Dale Martin Promotions Gym

Career History:

Bond first came into the British wrestling scene in the mid-70s and was one of the notorious villains of the era. He drew with Johnny Czeslaw in 1976 bringing him to the attention of fans. He took part in further matches against Mike Marino, Steve Logan and Ivan Penzecoff.

Bond formed The Caribbean Sunshine Boys tag team with Johnny Kincaid. The tag team became notoriously hated and their matches often caused ringside violence. The team was separated only a year after forming. Bond’s last appearance on televised wrestling was in 1988. He passed away in January 2012.

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