Billy Riley

Billy Riley

Real Name: Billy Riley

Aliases: Dark Owl

Billy Riley

DOB: 1896 (Know more? Please tell us)

Died: 09/1977

Born: Wigan, Greater Manchester, England

Spouse: Was he married? Please tell us

Debut: 1920s

Stats: Height & Weight? Know this? Please tell us

Trained: Billy Robinson, John Foley, Karl Gotch, Ernie Riley

Signature Moves: ‘Hooker’ (known for breaking opponents’ arms)

Finishing Move: Hooker

Opponents: Jack Pye, Bill Garnon, Lord Alfred Hayes, Karl Reginsky

Title History:

British Middleweight Champion

World Middleweight Champion

Career History: Riley was a notable figure on the wrestling scene for over 20 years and his career started in the 1920s. He won several titles including British and World Middleweight Champion before he built his own gymnasium called The Snake Pit.

The gym produced many wrestlers of note including John Foley, Karl Gotch and his son Ernie Riley. He trained youngsters at his gym until he died in 1977.

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