Iron Fist

Iron Fist

Real Name: Clive Myers

Aliases: Iron fist

DOB: Unknown Please tell us

Born: Jamaica

Debut: 1970

Stats: Height Weight? Please tell us

Trainer: Who trained him? Please tell us

Partners: Lenny Hurst, Honey Boy Zimba, Chris Adams, Akira Maeda

Title History:

Welterweight Championship of the West Indies

Career History:

Myers was a Welterweight who debuted as a professional wrestler in 1970. He appeared as the masked Iron fist for a period of time but fans were aware it was Myers behind the mask. He competed against Mark Rocco and Kendo Nagasaki with ToshiyoYamanda in a tag team match. Myers was also involved in running and competing in arm wrestling competitions. Myers currently lives as a Jehovah’s Witness in the West Indies.

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