Johnny Kwango

Johnny Kwango

Real Name: Jonathon Lagey

Aliases: Johnny Kwango

DOB: Please tell us

Born: Where was he born? Please tell us

Lived: Where was he based when wrestling? Please tell us

Husband/Wife: Was he married? Please tell us

Debut: When did he make his wrestling debut? Please tell us

Stats: Height? Weight? Please tell us

Trainer: Who trained Kwango? Please tell us

Signature Moves: Leglocks, Dropkicks, Aeroplane Spin

Finishing Move: Leaping Headbutt

Feuds: Mick McManus, Steve Logan, Pasquale de Gusto


Before he became a wrestler, Lagey was a professional dancer with a travelling African Dance company. His main popularity as a wrestler came from European and English fans. One of his signature moves was to place his hand on his opponents forehead and headbutt his hand, stunning his adversary.

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