Fit Finlay

Fit Finlay

Real Name: Dave Finlay

Aliases: Fit Finlay, Belfast Bruiser, Dave Finlay

DOB: 20/10/1958

Born: Belfast, Ireland

Spouse: Princess Paula (divorced), Mel (current wife)

Debut: 1978

Stats: Height 5’10” Weight 230lbs

Trainer: Ted Betley

Signature Moves: Headlock Submission, Forward Roll, Standing Leg Drop, Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam

Finishing Move: The Celtic Cross (WWE), Tombstone Piledriver

Feuds: Steven Regal, Vampiro, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre

Title History:

Joint Promotions British Heavy Middleweight title 1982-1984, 1987

CWA (Catch Wrestling Association World Tag Team titles and World Middleweight titles 1990 & 1992

WWE US Heavyweight title 2006

Where are they now?

16 major titles were held by Finlay in Great Britain and Germany before he became a title holder in World Championship wrestling. He became a wrestling agent and producer but was subsequently fired for allowing Miz to interrupt the national anthem during a match.He can now be booked for public appearances.

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