Jimmy Saville

Jimmy Saville

Real Name: Sir James Wilson Vincent Saville

Aliases: Jimmy Saville

DOB: 31/101926

Died: 29/10/2011

Born: Leeds, England

Lived: Leeds, England

Husband/Wife: Lifelong Bachelor

Debut: 1960s

Tag Team: Jackie Pallo

Number of Opponents: 107 (approximately)

Number of Wins: 0

Career History:

Jimmy Saville was participating in a charity event when he asked to have a turn in the ring. He was already a well known radio personality at this time but nonetheless continued to train as a wrestler throughout the ‘60s.

After a short stint as a professional wrestler, Saville became a very well known television personality and disc jockey.Notable shows include Jim’ll Fix It, Top of the Pops and He was knighted in 1990 for his extensive charity work.

Jimmy Saville passed away in his home in October 2011 aged 84.

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