Johnny Saint

Johnny Saint

Real Name: Know this? Please tell us

Aliases: Johnny Saint

DOB: When was he born? Please tell us

Born: Failsworth, Manchester, England

Lived: Blackpool, England

Husband/Wife: Was he married? Please tell us

Debut: 1958

Stats: Height 5’81/2” Weight? Please tell us

Trainer: Colin McDonald, Billy Robinson

Signature Moves: School Boy, Double Knee Rear Chin Lock, Rolling Wrist Snap, Wrist Lock

Finishing Move: Johnny Saint Special

Feuds: Steve Grey

Title History:

Joint Promotions British Lightweight title & World Lightweight title 1971 & 1976

European Lightweight title 1979 &1983

Joint Promotions World Lightweight title 1985-1986

All Star Promotions World Lightweight title 1988 & 1993

Career Highlights:

Saint’s first professional match was in 1958 against Colin McDonald where he was defeated. He went on to defeat Jim Breaks for the World Lightweight title.

Breaks won his last match in 1996 against Naohiro Hoshikawa.

Match Video - None to show yet

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