Skull Murphy (UK)

Skull Murphy (UK)

Real Name: Please tell us

Aliases: Skull Murphy

DOB: Please tell us

Born: United Kingdom

Husband/Wife: Did he marry? Please tell us

Debut: What year did he have his wrestling debut? Please tell us

Stats: Height? Weight? Please tell us

Trainer: Who trained him? Please tell us

Signature Moves: What were his main moves in the ring? Please tell us

Finishing Move: Please tell us

Feuds: Any notable feuds in the ring? Please tell us

Career Highlights:

Skull Murphy’s notable highlights include his Tag Team win with Fit Finlay in the Britain World of Sport Tournament. Other achievements include his win at WWF with Mark Rocco and Dave Finlay against Dusty Wolfe, Al Perez and Tim Horner.

This Skull Murphy should not be confused with the US Skull Murphy who came before him.

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