Chris Adams

Chris Adams

Real Name: Chris Adams

Aliases: ‘Gentleman’, Masked Avenger

DOB: 10/02/1955

Died: 07/10/2001

Born: Stratford, England

Spouse: Jeannie Clarke (divorced), Toni Adams (divorced), Karen (married at time of death)

Debut: 1978

Stats: Height 6’1”, Weight 228 lbs

Trainer: Tony Sinclair, Shirley ‘Big Daddy’ Crabtree

Signature Moves: Sleeper

Finishing Move: Super Sidekick

Feuds: Steve Austin, Terry Taylor, Iceman Parsons

Title History:

WCCW (World Class) Television title 1983-1984
NWA (World Class) American Heavyweight title 1983-1985
NWA (World Class) World Heavyweight title 1986
WCCW (World Class) World Heavyweight title 1986
WCWA World 6 man titles 1987


Adams began as a judo champion before taking up wrestling. He won his first title in 1981 in the WWF. He was the trainer of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin but later feuded with him. After retiring, Adams ran his own school of wrestling. He was shot and killed in Dallas during a bar fight.

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