After his acceptance into the Hall Of Fame, Arn Anderson talked to Mike Mooneyham about what he calls the golden years of wrestling ‘Both the WWF and NWA were thriving. Just to be pretty prominently figured into that group of guys is something you can tell your great grandkids about.’

But Anderson did challenge the stamina of the competitors of today. “By the time I got in the spot I had in ‘85, I had three really intensive years of 300-plus matches a year. How good would guys like John Cena, Randy Orton or Batista have been if they would have had 900 matches in their first three years?”

Now a successful WWE Producer, Anderson says he is desperate to get back in the ring when he sees a bout going wrong or sometimes when it is going so right he wants to join in. But Anderson’s biggest concern is that he lived in the wrong time. ‘What kind of value do you reckon Arn Anderson would have to this industry if I walked in the door right now with the knowledge I had at 30 years old and healthy?’ But the only response we have Arn, is that we’ll never know.