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With so many epic wrestlers to choose from, we've gone out on a limb and picked our favourites!

TOP Wrestling Personas of all time

Read about the most infamous wrestling characters in all of wrestling history!
Top Wrestling Personas of all time!

When it comes to professional wrestling there have been a whole host of memorable characters winning the hearts and support of the wrestling community the world over.

Hulk Hogan

Without question, the most well known of wrestling characters has to be that of Hulk Hogan. The shining star of American circuit, Hulk Hogan represented the wholesome image of the American way of life. With his golden hair and super orange tan, Hogan could whip the fans into a frenzy with his inspiring chant of ‘USA, USA, USA’ that would echo around the arena.

Hulk HoganHogan took his strength from the support of the people around him and was only weakened by malicious or evil behaviour. During his heyday, Hogan was 12 time world champion winning both the WWF/WWE Championship and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship six times each and was also WEE World Tag Team Champion in partnership with Edge.

Hulk Hogan held the longest reign of the WCE World Heavyweight Championship for 469 days, a record that holds to this day and was the first wrestler to ever win the Royal Rumble for two consecutive years.

He has to be the most recognisable face in the wrestling community even now and has been the ultimate in Babyface for his entire career.

The Undertaker

When it comes to Heels, the ultimate personality has to be The Undertaker. Drawing his mystical powers and strength from the urn carried by his insipid assistant, Paul Bearer, The Undertaker created an air of gloom and fear amongst anyone who saw him and has been a key element in the creation of the amazing spectacular that has become the WWE of today.

The Undertaker

He is now the longest running WWE contender and has achieved an unprecedented level of success. The Undertaker claims an undefeated record in WrestleMania, the pinnacle of the WWE calendar. He is an eight-time World Champion wining the WWF/E Championship four times, the World Heavyweight Championship three times and even won USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship in his alternate guise as the Master of Pain.

Everyone was afraid of the callous gloved grip of this huge wrestling genius and dreaded the day that they would be subject to his signature move, The Tombstone, which usually resulted in his opponents being taken off the mat in a body bag.

The Undertaker remains the only original WWE member that appeared on the first episode of the Raw television program and still creates a shudder through the arena whenever he appears. Those who cross him will always feel the pain of his wrath, and he has been a true pioneer of a fantastic sport.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve AustinIn terms or pure Wrestling ability, probably the most prominent wrestler of all time has to be Stone Cold Steve Austin. With a fiery attitude and intolerance for practically anyone, Steve had a style that made him as popular with the ladies as with dedicated wrestling fans.

Characterised by his red neck, beer swilling personality, Steve wouldn’t answer to anybody and when he called himself the “Toughest S.O.B. on the planet” nobody was going to argue.

With his pure wrestling ability, Steve won the WWF Championship six times, was the Triple Crown Champion five times as well as winning three Royal Rumbles and the 1996 King of the Ring.

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