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With the Olympics on the 2012 horizon, wrestling is a great all round sport.

UK Wrestling

How to get into amateur wrestling!
UK Amateur Wrestling

Thanks to the arrival of the Olympics in the UK in 2012, Amateur wrestling, like so many other Olympic sports is seeing an increase in popularity as the global Olympic athletes prepare to converge on our great city.

Wrestling is becoming more and more widespread across Britain as a whole with more schools and after school clubs offered across the country than ever before, to cater for the growing number of younger people that want to become involved in this exciting sport that challenges both the mind and the body.

As these individuals grow into adults we are seeing the development of further adult wrestling clubs to cater for the growing demand both from childhood and those that are introduced to the sport as adults.


In the UK, Amateur wrestling is governed by the British Wrestling Association which is in turn connected to the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (F.I.L.A.), the world wrestling governing body. The BWA enables associated clubs and organisations to work towards accredited awards and take part in recognised national competitions and then link to international and global competitions at the highest levels of competition.

Part Lottery funded, the BWA is a national organisation that takes individuals with a keen interest in wrestling through the fundamentals of the sport and enables them to explore their own skills and talents in this genre and compete at the level that is appropriate for them. From basic in house bouts through to future Olympic events, if you want to get involved in wrestling then the BWA is the place to start.

Girls, Boys, Men and Women of all ages are enjoying wrestling as a sport or a hobby and are finding that, no matter what their level of skill, wrestling can be fun and enjoyable for anyone that wants to get up and have a go.

The British Wrestling Association the UK is segmented into six regions: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, North England, Midlands and South England with over 100 clubs servicing the growing number of members that are committed to what is becoming a highly popular sport in the UK.

Start the sport at a young age

You can start wrestling from the age of 8 years and there is no upper age limit, so if you have an interest in exploring wrestling further then take a look at the British Wrestling website to find a club local to you.

There are wrestling clubs based all around the UK who are always keen to talk to new people about the possibility of becoming members and joining their teams. You don’t need to have any experience before you join your club and your coach or club secretary will guide you through your first weeks to make sure you know exactly what you are doing to get the very best out of the sport.

Freestyle to Grappling!

If you are interested in a different style of wrestling and want to try something a bit different such as Freestyle, Female Wrestling, Beach Wrestling or Grappling, then take a look at the F.I.L.A website at which gives you the option to explore different styles of wrestling and participate in what is becoming a global phenomenon.

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