Wrestling Abroad

From Sumo, to Catch, we take a look at wrestling across the world!

Wrestling in other countries

Greco-Roman, to Catch Wrestling, we have a quick world tour!
Wrestling around the world

There are many different kind of sports all over the world that are usually associated with one particular country. For example, hockey is usually associated with being an American sport and so on. However, wrestling is one sport that is extremely popular in pretty much every country in the world.

But wrestling isn’t the exact same in every country, nearly every country has their own particular way of wrestling which is quite interesting. So, we’re going to mention some of the most well-known different types of wrestling that there is in the world.

Sumo Wrestling

Nearly everyone has heard of sumo wrestling at some stage in their life. Sumo wrestling first began in Japan and it’s actually their national sport. The idea of sumo wrestling is quite simple really, both wrestlers are inside a large circle and the objective is to get your opponent out of that circle before they get your out of the circle.

Sumo wrestling isn’t for everyone though since the majority of sumo wrestlers are over 20 stone!

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman Wrestling

As the name suggests, Greco-roman wrestling was first started by the Greeks and the Romans. It’s now an Olympic sport which is a little bit similar to sumo wrestling which we’ve mentioned above. Both wrestlers are inside a circle and they’ve got to try to get the other wrestler out of the ring and pin their shoulders down to win.

However, they aren’t allowed to grab their opponents legs or any other part of their body that is below their waist so it’s a little bit more technical than sumo wrestling. If nobody pins their opponent, the winner is decided on points which is a little bit like boxing - whoever showed the most talent wins.

Professional Wresting

Professional wresting is the type of wrestling that most of us have grown up watching, looking up to wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and so on. This kind of wrestling first started in the United States but these days it’s a global sport.

Even though professional wresting is all planned out in advance (who will win, what will happen during the match etc.) there’s no doubt that professional wrestling is one of the most entertaining sports that there is. Just because professional wresting isn’t “real”, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the wrestlers don’t need to keep fit; it’s still a very demanding sport to be involved in.

Catch Wrestling

Not too many people know a lot or have even heard about catch wrestling, but it actually originated from the United Kingdom! Catch wrestling first started in the late 1800s by wrestlers that were in travelling carnivals that sometimes betted money that they could beat anyone.

Catch wrestling is one of the simplest types of wrestling that there is, since all you need to do to win a match is either make your opponent give up by using submission holds or pin them (usually the referee counts to 3).

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