Lord Athol Layton

Lord Athol Layton

Allan Layton

Real Name: Allan Layton

Aliases: Lord Athol Layton

DOB: 1921

Born: England, UK

Died: 18/01/1984

Lived: Australia (1934), Ontario (1950)

Spouse: Married to Leah

Debut: 1948

Stats: Height 6'5" Weight 260 lbs

Trainer: Please tell us

Signature Moves: Judo Chops

Finishing Move: Please tell us

Feuds: Dick the Bruiser, Fritz Von Erich, The Sheik, Whipper Billy Watson

Title History:

NWA Tag Team titles 1953-1957, 1970

WWA International Television Tag Team titles 1954,

AWA United States Heavyweight title1962-63

Career History:

After moving to Australia from England, Layton began amateur wrestling and kept the Australian Heavyweight Ameteur Boxing Champ title for two years. He worked as a wrestler and commentator for the Toronto based Maple Leaf territory and made his debut in 1950 against Sky-Hi Lee. He and Lord James Blears formed a tag team. He became a Canadian citizen in 1958 and later died from a heart attack in 1984.

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